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Disabling Injuries Caused by Repetitive Motion

Carpal tunnel

Not all disabling on-the-job injuries result from one catastrophic accident. With increasing frequency, the injuries that workers are receiving on the job are ones that build over time. One of the most common forms of injury for which Ohio employees file claims for workers’ compensation benefits is that of repetitive stress injuries. Read on to learn more about these claims, and speak with a workplace injury attorney for help filing a claim.

Repetitive stress injuries, explained

Repetitive stress injuries, also known as repetitive motion injuries or cumulative trauma injuries, are serious injuries that develop as the result of making certain motions again and again, and by doing so, using a body part beyond its natural capabilities. Employees who work on assembly lines are particularly vulnerable to these types of injuries, as are workers who repeatedly lift, load, or move heavy items. Likewise, office workers who type for extended periods of time, or who do data entry, may also develop repetitive stress injuries. These types of movements can damage tendons, joints, and muscles that are not naturally equipped to handle such repeated use.

Aside from office workers, grocery store workers and other workers in large retail settings are at risk of developing repetitive stress injuries, due to their frequent need to bend and lift objects overhead while shelving or restocking a warehouse. Butchers also run the risk of forming repetitive stress injuries by making constant use of their hands and repeating many movements. 

Examples of repetitive stress injuries

Conditions caused by repetitive movements can include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: this is the most common repetitive stress injury for which employees seek workers’ compensation benefits. Carpal tunnel syndrome results from the median nerve being compressed due to swelling in the wrist from overuse or improper use. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs often in computer users, especially ones who have not been provided with ergonomic keyboards or workspaces. Workers who make heavy use of a computer mouse or touch screen with little opportunity for rest are especially at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Tendinitis: This condition results from inflammation of the tendons connecting muscle to bone. Victims often develop tendinitis in the elbow, wrist, and shoulder.
  • Bursitis: this condition consists of inflammation of the tissues between bones, and is often developed when workers are required to sit for long periods without a break.

If you’ve been injured on the job in Ohio and need skilled help in seeking workers’ compensation benefits, contact the dedicated and effective Columbus workers’ compensation lawyers at Miller Law Practice, LLC for a consultation at 614-591-6822.

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